Antiques and Pottery Galore at 61 Trading Company

Antiques and Pottery Galore at 61 Trading Company

61 Trading Company in Cleveland MS

61 trading company is a great place to find antiques, pottery and candles. It is a small store in downtown Cleveland that sells all kinds of stuff at very reasonable prices. They also offer discounts to repeat customers. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.

U.S. 61 around Valley Park is a two-lane road that mostly runs on an embankment. The highway passes through the town of Cleveland, home to Delta State University.

The Post Gallery

This museum focuses on the art and history of the Delta. Its collection includes works by Johnson, Hendrix and other blues artists as well as local art and pottery. The museum also offers a variety of programs that highlight the featured artworks in a visitor-centered and layered interpretive manner. The museum is located in historic downtown Cleveland.

61 Trading Company is crazy about old things. You’ll find potbelly stoves, diner booths and doors as well as vintage items like old records, antique furniture and classic flatware. Across the street from 61 Trading Company is Tammy’s Treasures, a vendor booth mall that’s full of everything from antique furniture to exercise equipment to jewelry.

Tammy’s Treasures

A vendor booth mall located in downtown Cleveland just off the greenway, Tammy’s Treasures is a fun place to find classic antique items. Here you’ll find everything from mule carts to old doors and diner booths. You’ll also find a huge selection of classic flatware and coins. They even have a potbelly stove! Be sure to check their FFL license with the ATF’s eZ Check search tool. It’s a great way to get some unique finds at affordable prices.

The Greenway Mall

The Greenway Mall is a gorgeous, well-maintained shopping center that is located close to the downtown area. It is full of stores that offer everything from fashion to furniture. It also has several restaurants to choose from, including Tiny Boxwoods, Roka Akor, and Mia Bella. This is a great place to shop for people who work downtown or just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful setting. There are also many hotels nearby to stay at while visiting for business purposes. They are all very nice and affordable. The staff at the hotels are friendly and helpful as well. They also have free parking available for guests.

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