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Blue D1653 Blue Collar Range

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The Blue Collar Range of bottles and bowls are based on 17th and 18th century cabinet pieces, lushly decorated cups and vases that were placed on cabinets and mantelpieces, as a testimony to the wealth as well as the good taste of their owners. They were produced by a number of earthenware factories in Delft and are still much in demand as collectibles.

Although Arian Brekveld designs objects that are meant to be used, the Blue Collar Bowls, like the traditional cabinet pieces, are primarily designed as decoration.

Their sober forms, which characterize Arian Brekveld’s style, show that they contemporary designs, as does the unorthodox combination of materials. To decorate the pieces, the designer used traditional, hand-painted motifs from the glory days of Delftware. To make the modern translations affordable, the motifs were burned directly into the glazing through so-called ‘ceramic transfers’. The modern expression is complemented by the soft, blue textile cuffs that reinforce the beauty of the Delftware decoration. In addition, they carry the brand name as an extra decorative element

The title, Blue Collar Bottle, refers to the working classes, to laborers, in a tongue in cheek reference to white collars, the ‘higher’ staff. Unlike the original cabinet pieces, the Blue Collar Bottles and Bowls are affordable for everyone.

Not Dishwasher & Microwave Safe.

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Blue Collar, Blue D1653


Arian Brekveld

Color technique

Delft Blue


Transfer print

Dishwasher safe


Microwave safe



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