Baluster Vase with Flowers and Birds



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This graceful and exotic-shaped “baluster vase” pays homage to the shape of a calabash gourd. This vase is the perfect place to put long stemmed flowers or is an eye-grabbing piece all by its own.

Since the early 17th century this vase has been made in Delft, Netherlands. The almost 23 inch high vase has a rounded belly and a gracefully slim neck with a knob at the top. The vase widens out at the bottom and is used for long flowers, such as amaryllis, nowadays. The decorative peacock is central in this vase’s motif. You will notice that birds are a reoccurring decoration for a Delftware painter.

This hand-painted Delft Blue vase is one of the icons of Royal Delft. The painting of this vase is complex because of the shape and structure. Our master painters take the time to get the Delft Blue perfectly in the vase.

Handpainted items are not dishwasher safe.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 22.4 in



The Original Blue Iconic

Color technique

Delft Blue

Dishwasher safe



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