In the period in which clocks were extremely valuable there was a round opening, where currently the clockwork is, in which the pocket watch could be placed. The decorative object was then temporarily transformed into a functional clock. The contemporary extremely elegant clock is decorated with flowers and shows the characteristic Royal Delft bird as well. The hour indication is conveyed with small straight lines, complementing the slender dials. The pendulum is clearly visible as a result of the omission of ceramics.

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Beautifully hand-painted European clock from The Original Blue Iconic Collection.

Collection – The Original Blue Iconic
Weight – 7.12 lbs. (3250 gr.)
Size / Content – 15.95 inches tall (40.5 cm)
Colour technique – Blue
Article No. – RD10107500

Handpainted items are not dishwasher safe.

Additional information

Weight 7.12 lbs
Dimensions 15.95 in


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