Set of Candied Fruit Dishes


The dishes of this set were used to present candied fruit around 1700. Making candied fruit as such was a pastime for well-to-do ladies and princesses. The inventories of Royal princesses mention tens to hundreds of candied fruit dishes in Delft earthenware in many shapes. The makers of earthenware in Delft copied the depicted star shape with surrounding dishes from Chinese porcelain, together they form a lotus flower.

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Set of nine beautifully hand-painted European candied fruit dishes that can be used or displayed separately, but when all nine peices are placed together in a set they form the shape of a lotus flower.

Collection – The Original Blue Iconic
Weight – 7.72 lbs (3500 gr.)
Size / Content – 27.2 x 21.7 inches (69 x 55 cm)
Color technique – Blue
Article No. – RD10100000

Handpainted items are not dishwasher safe.

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Weight 7.72 lbs
Dimensions 27.2 × 21.7 in


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