The Benefits of Trade Paints vs. DIY Paints

The Benefits of Trade Paints vs. DIY Paints

iRacing and Trading Paints

Trading Paints allows iRacing members to design custom car liveries (also called paint schemes) that other drivers can download and race with. Trading Paints also has a showroom where members can show off their designs.

For many people the decorating aisle in B&Q, Homebase or Wicks will be the first stop when buying paint colours. However, these products are aimed at DIY users rather than professionals.

What is a trade paint?

A trade paint is a premium quality paint designed with professional decorators in mind. It’s formulated with higher levels of pigment and comes in a viscosity that is ready to apply straight from the tin. This helps to minimise labour costs as the painters and decorators can complete the job more quickly.

It also has a much better opacity meaning it takes less coats to get a perfect finish. This saves both time and money for the client as well as ensuring a high standard of work is completed.

Trade paints are also more durable than retail paints. They are made to withstand high levels of wear and tear making them ideal for busy homes or businesses. They can also be wiped clean without damaging the colour or finish of the paint.

Trade paints come in a wide variety of finishes including undercoats, weathershield and typical interior emulsions as well as gloss and varnish. They are designed to last longer than their retail counterparts which can be helpful if you want to avoid having to redecorate your walls as often.

High street paints

If you’re a DIYer with a passion for interior design, there are a number of high street brands to choose from. Johnstone’s paints are highly durable and can be used on all surfaces, while Laura Ashley’s curated colours allow you to make small changes without gutting the room. COAT is another great option with a range of soft calming shades and a water resistant formula.

Whether you’re looking for a standard paint or something more unique like a suede or metallic finish, Crown is a good choice. They also offer a range of speciality paints such as masonry paint that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Little Greene are another brand who are pushing the boundaries with modern colours while Earthborn creates paint that’s gentle on the planet and your kids. It even cleans up with soap and water! How cool is that?

Trade paints vs. DIY paints

Trader paints are formulated for professionals and are available in larger tubs (up to 20 litres) meaning less wastage and more time to do the job well. They offer high opacity which will hide a colour quicker and mean fewer coats are needed for a rich depth of finish.

Retail or DIY paints are designed for the amateur and are adequate quality for a simple job such as painting one room. It is often cheaper than trade paints and is a good choice if you are simply renovating your home or want to do a quick job.

However, for a superior result it is best to hire a professional decorator. Their skills and experience can elevate even the most budget-friendly of DIY paints to a more sophisticated level, resulting in flawless application, perfect colour matching, and an exceptional finish that will last. This will also help protect your home and its value in the long run.

Final Words

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Trading Paints is a community that allows iRacing members to design and share their own liveries (also called paint schemes or paint jobs). While it does not support other racing games, the site can be used for creating custom skins for existing cars. Moreover, the website offers free and premium memberships. However, it is important to keep in mind that passwords are barely encrypted in the database and anyone who buys the site’s data on the dark web can easily access the users’ accounts.

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